Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Amazing Value on Artist Brushes on Amazon

Are you searching for the right artist brush? Or possibly

you might be sick and tired with poor-quality bristles within your artwork. Well, whichever it

is, why don’t you make this happen group of Super Quality Handmade Artist Brushes? They

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The handmade set includes 7 natural bristles and 6

synthetic brushes, in which the bristles stay IN the comb, thus simply no shedding.

Making it even better, the synthetics are as soft as sable, making it perfect

for oil, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor painting.

Stylish Art Brush Set

These fabulous brushes are very stylish and come

within an equally chic yet convenient pouch. Just through the look and touch (before

using), you can tell how the brushes are genuine plus they have been

crafted yourself. Why so? Coz they’ve got a classy feel for many years, and every brush

is beautifully balanced.

Furthermore, it can be easier differentiating the

natural bristles through the synthetic ones – natural brushes are white colored,

even though the synthetics are brown.

Easy Painting

The art brushes made from natural hair are characterized

with slightly coarser bristles, which have the tendency of holding more oil. A

painter can texture and layer a painting just the way they wants


Actually, this has made the handmade art brushes

rank high among the many available oil painting brushes.

Sturdy and Ergonomic

However, the handles are made of a

natural beach wood. This means that its grip and handling are simply perfect,

hence a pleasurable tool to utilize. These watercolor brushes, work perfectly

since it blends paint texturing and layering. For this reason, these artist brushes

standup to great usage.

Everything concerning this art brush set simply reeks

of robustness and sturdiness. Its ergonomic features, coupled by the fact that

they are handmade, make the brushes long lasting enough to last a few years.

Long Lasting

Its sturdy pouch enables the brushes to stay in

optimum shape as long as possible. The comb holder works to have an eased

up access, storage and transportation, particularly if move a lot while


In simpler words, this group of brushes is really expedient

that it shifts your full attention as a painter into show creativity, and allows

for that expression of your imagination.

Created for Amateurs and Professionals

These Amazing Value artist brushes have been customized

in a way that it favors different painters – through the amateurs to well

experienced professional painters.

For your amateurs, the set provides various brush

options to choose from. This helps them paint where did they would love.

Concurrently, these incredible handcrafted artist

brushes are similarly satisfying enough for painters who are painting all

their life. The brushes have been developed by artists for artists, and produced

for Art Supply Special, whose paint brush reputation and experience extends back

100 years ago.

Is usually a Great Gift!

Better yet the set can are also made of handy if

you are searching for something special for an individual that is an avid painter. With the

September Special, this Super Quality Handmade 14-piece set is true of $36.95 with

a one year guarantee.

Generally, this set can be a fabulous rich-looking gift

or starter seeking an amateur, teen, art student or perhaps a Pro. The 35% off bargain gets

you an extra set if you purchase 2.